Friday was a bad day – for one woman.

The assignment was a 20 min speech before an audience of 120 people to reassure them of the credibility of a service being offered by her company.

The intro was reasonable, not dynamic or attention grabbing but enough to hold on to the audience BUT  . . . it soon became apparent that the woman had more or less learned her “script” by heart and was speaking from memory supported by a prompt sheet that was in fact the word for word speech.

All sincerity was lost!

How can you convince an audience of something with a memorised speech – It was rather like the recent pathetic attempt by a famous golfer to convince his family, supporters and financial backers that he was sorry for serial womanizing by reading a prepared statement.

A motivational speech has to come from the heart, to do that it has to be part of you. Well prepared yes, written out maybe but then shrunk down to very brief prompts and presented in an extemporaneous style.

The speech finished on time but the audience had “gone home” soon after it had started!

More on this in Core Training soon.