Captive Audience - No such thing!

Rhetorical questions are an excellent way to involve your audience, they stimulate their imagination and draw them into the point your are about to highlight. Sometimes you can even string two or three together perhaps with suggested answers on a multiple choice basis.

“What decision would you make if ******? – Maybe you would choose ***, or even ***”

BUT – Beware asking questions that require your audience to answer out loud because their answer can totally distract the whole gathering. It may point in the totally opposite direction to that which you were leading to . . .

  . . and correcting them can cause even more of a diversion.

If you do get caught out just a respectful . . . 

“Well that’s an interesting thought but I think most people would agree that ******”

 . . . should be enough to put the ship back on course without embarrassment either to yourself or the participant.