Your Audience ???

Yes, powerpoint can be a brilliant tool – when used properly . . .

But most presenters use it far too much and lose their audience

either thro boredom or reading the material on the slide.

So …

1. Don’t fill each screen with content that you are going to read!
2. Don’t show the detail of each screen all at once, take the time to edit the presentation so detail can be revealed point by point by a mouse click
3. Don’t get your audience glued to the screen, maintain eye contact by using powerpoint as a summary of main points.
4. Don’t display complicated graphs, there is always a way to show results, trends, forecasts simply. Find it. Your audience will be grateful.
5. Do have blank screens that come up in between main points and drive your listeners attention back to you.
6. Do use illustrations that are both meaningful and easy on the eye.
7. Do maintain the same fonts, colours, branding throughout.
8. Do prepare a more detailed handout for after the presentation.
9. Oh, and do get there early and make sure all the techie stuff is sorted and the damn thing works!

Any tips, comments you have found useful?