Well that depends on the audience!

No that doen’t mean you ask them to vote, who knows where that might end up (or down).

It simply means you need to match or fit in with the audience to whom you are speaking or presenting. The whole point is that it’s what you are saying that matters, what you are motivating them to do! So your clothes should not get in the way of that message. They should not be a distraction either by their style, colour or scarcity.

So if your audience is going to be Dinner Suited, so should you. If they are sure to be dressed casually, follow that lead but make it smart casual. Some conventions now have audiences that are all “Jeans and Tees”, OK go with the flow. Wear a tie if they do but make sure you take it off before stepping out to speak if they are open necked. When speaking to audiences of another culture you would not be expected to dress like them, but match the mood. If you know they will be “dressed up” mirror that with the appropriate clothing of your own culture.

I can remember arriving to present to the board of a mult national clothing company in my best suit, brand new white shirt and classy neck-tie only to be highly embarassed by the casually dressed directorspresent. Needless to say it did not go well. A call to their PA’s would have saved that embarressment and maybe a large order!

Any faux pas on your part, or presentations you’ve attended?