Is it this flat?

Are your presentations “As Flat as a Pancake?”
How would you know and what can you do about it?

So you’ve worked hard on the content, adapted it to your particular audience, have a clear focus of what you want achieve, put some great illustrations in it to drive home the main points, added some rhetorical questions to stimulate their imagination and keep them engaged  . . .

BUT their eyes are wandering and some even closing.

The atmosphere has moved from “keen anticipation” to “how much longer?”.

And that dreaded disease “early leavers” starts to go viral as Malcolm Gladwell’s Tipping Point moves ever closer.

What went wrong? – – –  Maybe it was flat – as flat as a pancake?

All presentations, talks or speeches need variety not only of content but  . . .

  • variety of pitch
  • variety of pace
  • variety of volume

 This will give your presentation life, a third dimension and a hook to hold them to your every word. How and why does this work?

The next blog will explain!