A tasting of the new White Flat at Costa

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The New Flat White

Did it live up to the hype in the promo leaflet – sure did – but I couldn’t resist a touch of chocolate dusted on top so it wasn’t far off a cappuccino. Will I make it my “regular” ? It would take a lot to beat an Americano with pouring cream on the side for a long drink or the delicious kick of a Double shot Con Pana with Choc chips adorning the slurp of fresh cream floating on top!

What’s your favourite way to imbibe the black stuff?


Coffee Comment

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Possible with Instant

Hey, hope you don’t mind but coffee is another passion of mine, so from time to time I’ll drop in the odd comment about the fluid that fuels my day.

Have you tried the Starbucks Instant yet? That’s not meant to be blasphemous, it comes pretty close to the real stuff at  “your third place” . And you get a free mug when you buy a couple of 12 packs!

– Enjoy, Macca