Is This How Your Listeners Say Goodbye? Drowned In Detail

Someone once said – “If information was water we would all drown”!

We live in an age of info overload -tweets, social network, texts, blogs, webinars, videos, podcasts, and on …
and on…

So are you going to add to the flood with your presentation or speech? 

If you do, then provide your audience with gills beforehand. Because even before you begin they will be gasping for air.

They will not be able to absorb and make sense of what you say or present unless it is beneficial to them, presented with authenticity and enthusiasm. AND it does not contain too many main points. 

Your main points need to stand out like lighthouses with clear “call to action” messages attached, ilustrated, supported and repeated.

Now you can only do that effectively with approx one main point per 10 minutes.

Most presentations should be over in 30 minutes with the audience still begging for more.

Leave ’em while their beggin’ you to stay.

Leave ’em standing on dry land breathin’ in the pure oxygen of your words, committed to the action you clearly conveyed.

Please, please, please – do not add to the flood of unabsorbable that we are drowing in!

How much info do you think should be included and how would you present it? Comment below, please.